Who applies for project data analyst internships?


We’ve recently advertised for an internship with Projecting Success. It’s a cool role, covering a lot of ground and working directly with the CEO. It’s a 3 month internship, converting to a full time role for the right person.


Noting that the role will be anchored in project data analytics we wanted someone with a good grounding in maths and preferably an understanding of stats, so we asked for people with a background in STEM. The role was advertised over a period of 2 weeks and it had 984 views on Indeed. This resulted in 116 applications.


We highlighted that we would not consider applications without a covering letter, yet only 15 people included one i.e. 87% of applicants were able to explain why there were suited to the role and what they could bring to the role.


I appreciate that it can be disheartening to apply for jobs and not make it through to the final round. But this can result in applicants firing in CVs to lots of jobs and hoping for success. But is hope an effective strategy for getting a job when the competition is relatively high? It may be more helpful to be more selective in the jobs that you apply for an invest some time in explaining why you are suited to it.


In this particular role the odds of getting a job rapidly shrunk from 116:1 to 15:1 just by submitting a covering letter. It’s a great opportunity to sell yourself but keep it punchy. No more than a side of A4.


For info: 52% of applicants had a Bachelor’s degree, 30% had a Masters and 1% had a PhD.


We ended up with 4 applicants and 2 withdrew. We couldn’t find someone with the right fit for the organisation so are repeating the process again.


It’s a highly competitive market, but there is so much more applicants could be doing to improve their chances of securing a role. There are some really great roles out there… its a matter of ensuring that you are suitably prepared.