Employers Overview

By 2030, the international market for construction services is expected to grow by 85% to £11.5 trillion. This substantial growth will lead to numerous challenges, where the scope of projects will exceed the current available manpower. Resultantly, the ability to leverage digital innovation will be key to match the organisational demands of a rapidly growing industry. Projecting Success have developed the {Project] Data Analyst level 4 Apprenticeship to guide the industry through this digital transformation. 

Gartner, McKinsey and a number of other organisations have highlighted the transformational impact of data analytics. However, project delivery organisations are often late adopters. Many companies aren’t yet aligning their data with the business problems that they are trying to solve; they don’t yet fully appreciate the opportunities presented by automation. The potential is vast.

The challenge for most organisations is knowing where to start and how to build momentum within their business. The level 4 [project] data analyst apprenticeship will help by developing a new cadre of professionals who understand and extract insights from data. Our apprenticeship is delivered by industry practitioners, solving real problems using real data, including your own data; all tailored to a project delivery environment.

You can leverage your apprenticeship levy to train new staff or reskill members of your existing team. Can you afford not to engage in something so critical? We are here to help you to navigate a way ahead and prepare for an inevitable future.  

Who is our apprenticeship for?

This apprenticeship is currently aimed at companies who are looking to evolve alongside digital transformation within a project delivery context. While in some cases recruiting data specialists is logical, the expenses involved may not be justified for the level of work that it pertains to or may also be too financially demanding on small to medium enterprises. For these reasons, the apprenticeship enables companies to develop in-house data professionals to leverage data analytics through the process of upskilling existing employees.

We have tailored this apprenticeship with the employers needs in mind by upskilling learners in techniques relevant to tackle the real-world challenges faced across numerous industries. This includes but is not limited to the construction, energy, water and transport sectors.

What Qualifications will the apprentices gain?

BCS accredited Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship. This is equivalent to a foundation degree in data analytics.

Potential Career Paths

According to the World Economic Forum Data Analysts will likely lead the employer market with demands expected to soar by 2020. Further statements from IBM suggests that the annual demand for the data type will amount to 700,000 in the next year. Alongside traditional titles, this Apprenticeship will help professionals develop hybrid roles such as:

  • Data Analyst,
  • Data Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Modeller
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer


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