In the new world of COVID19, data analytics has taken a back seat for a lot of organisations. Many organisations are focused on staying afloat, preserving cash and getting ready to emerge from the other side.

The Construction Leadership Council published a helpful sector recovery plan recently:

The immediate priority is to focus on restarting and minimising disruption. However the focus then quickly shifts to increasing productivity and transforming the industry.

Some organisations will see the lockdown as a catalyst for transformational change. Others will see it as a painful distraction, before a phased return to normality. We’ll see a twin speed economy emerge as a consequence.

Project data analytics provides an opportunity to benchmark, understand predisposition to delay and cost increase, pre-empt risk and change, optimise resourcing. I see some organisations investing heavily in this agenda and others are ambivalent.

How do you envisage that it will unfold? What game changing capabilities are you starting to see emerge?