Developed to future proof existing professionals and build organisational capability to extract insights from project data

There are huge untapped opportunities to be exploited in the rich
seams of data produced by the projects we deliver. The demand for Data Savvy professionals is on the rise, yet, there is a shortage of people who have the skills to apply data science in a project
delivery environment. Recognising this lack of capacity, we created
the Project Data Analyst Academy to deliver the Data Analyst Lv4
Apprenticeship test.

Why Projecting Success?

What makes us different from other training providers is that we don’t just place professionals through a training machine. We have laser focus on developing a bespoke data analyst programme that is tailored to each and every individual. Our provision is delivered by tutors up to PhD level and is targeted around project delivery. We build both fundamental data skills in business intelligence, coding, automation, machine learning and more through to niche specialised pathways. We supplement this with practical hackathons, with a regular £5k prize fund, solving real world, business facing problems, niched around the skills that will help to transform your role.

Is The Academy Right For You?

The Academy is built for those who sense the following.

Recognition that the future of project delivery will demand data capability. We asked Professionals in our community the extent to which Project Data Analytics would have an impact on their organisation in the next 3 years, 92% of respondents stated there would be a significant to major impact.

  • 31%Completely Evolve
  • 38%Significant impact
  • 23%If i don’t adapt I’ll become obsolete
  • 8%None to minor impact

Upskill whilst being paid a salary. In addition to being paid whilst being an apprentice, all training costs for the duration of apprenticeship is covered by the mandatory government training levy. There are no costs to the apprentice.

A drive to add strategic value within their organisation. 86% of respondents in our community survey believed their organisation would benefit from data driven insights. Yet, the greatest data challenge was a lack of skills to use data effectively.


A need to improve project communication, internally within project teams and externally with data professionals and senior stakeholders. A prime example is the use of business intelligence tools.


Saw their future roles involving BI tools, yet….


of professionals had never used BI tools before

A desire to boost up the career chain. Data competence is a key factor in driving career progression, and roles involving data are in increasing demand. We have seen numerous apprentices go on to receive promotions and evolve their role.

Obtain a nationally recognised qualification.

What We Offer

Our delivery is built on years of experience with guidance to facilitate every stage of the process, from recruitment through to
on and off the job learning and development.

On the Job Experience

Apprentices gain hands on experience solving cutting edge challenges, with real data, tailored to specific demands of your organisation. You will develop a portfolio of solutions throughout the data analyst apprenticeship,

Project Focused Training

Apprentices will experience a combination of classroom based learning and online teaching. They will get the opportunity to work with various types of real world project data

Community Network

Apprentices will be immersed in a large network of professionals at the Project Data Analytics Community where they can learn from recognised guest speakers and tackle real life challenges at hackathons

Hear What Other's Have to Say...

“Projecting Success have a deep grasp of project delivery backed by personal experience leading mega projects and portfolios. They combine this with a broad understanding of data analytics, AI and data engineering, led by PhD level expertise. They have consistently demonstrated their integrity, collaboration and commitment and are great people to work with.

We are now starting to see the impact of the apprenticeship, with some apprentices already saving hours in their day by automating how they collect, process and report data; they are only just scratching the surface. It is helping to drive a data culture at the grassroots, which will transform how we deliver projects. We have a long queue forming for the next intake.”


Hear What Other's Have to Say...

“The organisational vision and appetite is a huge factor in driving analytics. Initiatives like the taskforce exist to demonstrate the value of data analytics. It’ll make it easier for people to get involved on the journey.


Our next step is to build internal capability by putting people through the project data analyst apprenticeship. These are small steps but are starting little fires. Creating these change agents will help ignite the momentum towards advanced data analytics”.


Hear What Other's Have to Say...

“The Project Data Analytics course is the course I wish had existed years ago. There is a finally a course geared towards the indisputable rapid changes facing the industry and learning these skills will become a necessity before too long. The content is expertly tailored to the demands of a project environment, delivered

by renowned gurus in their field. It has opened my eyes to the transformational potential of project data analytics.”


Hear What Other's Have to Say...

“The Project Data Academy goes far beyond the provision of lifelong, career-enhancing data skills, (which by the way, it does magnificently and in a very practical manner, spiced up by its connection to industry-wide hackathons where we can put the newly acquired abilities to work).

 Martin Paver and his team of savvy data scientists do a great job in striking the sweet spot that we, project practitioners, need to latch on to.”


What Skills Will You Learn

During the academy apprentices will get the opportunity to learn various skills that will apply to their role. We work with the learner to evolve their role and elevate capability

All focused around the specific challenges of a project delivery environment, delivered by people working at the cutting edge of project data analytics.

The syllabus is centred around the data analyst apprenticeship standard but tailored to the demands of a project delivery context. We really focus in on addressing the unique challenges that you will face during implementation. Further details of the syllabus can be found in
the Apprenticeship Leaflet.

Who Will Benefit?

We have trained people from Director level down to new entrants. The academy supports professionals to develop a wide range of skills that will be critical for the next era in project delivery. We unlock new superpowers and create pathfinders who will help to transform project delivery

Check Your Role?


Here are some examples. If your role involves risk management, data can unlock the following:

  • Using data to prioritise and manage risks in work packages
  • Conducting Statistical probability to measure impact
  • Identifying the interdependencies between risks
  • Monitor the rate of change within risks
  • Implement successful data-driven mitigation strategies
  • Gain heightened alert of risks through risk windows


If you’re role involves schedule data and working with project schedules , data can unlock the following:

  • Mapping logic, nesting, dependencies
  • Benchmarking at any level
  • comparing plan vs out-turn and why
  • Identifying and diagnosing predisposition to variance
  • Identifying triggers and lead indicators


If you’re role involves Quality, data can unlock the following:

  • Compliance to processes to ensure quality​
  • Lead indicators​ affecting quality
  • Identify known areas of concern​
  • Probability based on situation​
  • Workface / product-based insights

Team & Resources

If you’re role involves resource and team management, the programme can unlock the following:

  • Optimal team resourcing
  • Lead indicators affecting resource management
  • Identifying likely bottlenecks/critical resource
  • Analysing team dynamics vs performance
  • Analysing leadership style vs performance

Benefits & Outcomes

If you’re role involves benefits management and working with outcomes , data can unlock the following:

  • Visualising actual vs planned outcomes
  • Better understanding of predisposition to shortfalls
  • Clear measurement of benefits
  • Lead indicators of outcome
  • Benchmarking


If you’re role involves health and safety and working with safety data , the programme can unlock the following:

  • How to leverage observation data
  • Identifying predisposition to safety incidents
  • Highlighting condition/situation based risk
  • analysing wellbeing and fatigue
  • Informing toolbox talks


If your role involves change management, the programme can unlock the following:

  • Identifying and reporting the volume of change
  • Understanding the interdependence of change
  • Predisposition of work packages to change
  • Predictability of change

Cost & Finance

If you’re role involves working with cost data, the programme can unlock the following:

  • Benchmarking at any level
  • Likelihood of variance
  • Triggers and lead indicators affecting cost data
  • Opportunities to improve budgeting
  • Influencing market conditions


If you’re role involves working with commercial data, the programme can unlock the following:

  • Managing compensation events
  • Assessing predisposition to claims
  • Evaluating problematic terms and conditions through analysis
  • Analysing planned vs out turn

Who Is Eligible For The Academy?

Places on the Academy are in high demand. The course of 95-100% funded by government via the apprenticeship levy. It is available for those in full-time work, who aspire to upskill in data methodologies and project data analytics. Ideally suited to people who have a desire to work at the forefront of the next generation of project delivery

Entry Requirements

Core Entry Requirements (Mandated by Education and Skills Funding Agency)

Possess a valid passport/ birth certificate/residence permit and NI number

Must have lived in
the UK and /or EU 3 years prior to
start date.

Must spend at least 50% of their working week in England when undertaking the apprenticeship

Cannot be in any form of education while undertaking the apprenticeship.

Must not be
undertaking another
apprenticeship at
the same time &
Must be employed

The apprenticeship
must offer substantive
new skills & knowledge
in your existing or new

Prior Qualifications

There is no prerequisite qualification
to join the academy. This is because
we believe that previous relevant
work experience is evidence of
capability. Ultimately employers will
assess suitability of staff for training,
however, having the following
qualifications will be advantageous.

*Learners must either evidence GCSE
English or Maths qualifications or will be
able to achieve functional skills before
completion of the programme

How Training is Delivered

Training is delivered over 12 months with a 3 month window for
the End-Point Assessment. See a detailed timeline here

Our Guidance

Projecting Success are dedicated to ensuring that you choose the right career pathway for you. We have included some external links to relevant agencies to assist you in developing and growing your career. Please discuss with your Trainer your career progression routes and pathways. All of our team are dedicated in giving impartial advice and guidance to support you in your career development. Click the links to find out more.