We’ve seen the potential of advanced project data analytics for 4 years and it is now becoming mainstream. It’s something that will transform how we deliver projects, far beyond what many of us currently envisage.

It’s a future that is hugely disruptive, but one full of opportunity.

At Projecting Success we’ve spent the last 12 months creating content for a Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship, centred around project delivery. Delivered by practitioners, centred around real data and current challenges. Often your challenges.

How are you engaging with this new future?

What are the things that you are struggling with most? What do you need help on?

How advanced is your organisation? Are they letting you blossom, or stifling your potential?

Let’s get a conversation going; the more we work together to show what we can do, the more we can change society. There will be more schools delivered, more hospitals, more trains- it matters!

By James Smith, CTO