In my previous blogs I have outlined what the [Project] Data Analyst Apprenticeship is all about. I’ll be delivering most of the training, plus, you’ll also have lots of hands on experience, such as leading a team at one of our hackathons.

At Project:Hack you’ll be shaping solutions to real and complex problems, inspiring a team, winning prizes and basking in the glory of success.

I appreciate transformation is rarely easy. I’d love to find out more about the barriers that you and your business are facing. Is this a future that you would like to get involved with?

Where is your career taking you? Do you aspire to move up the value chain; beyond the reporting and firefighting, to pre-empting where the fires may occur? Providing the crystal ball for the project manager to avoid the avoidable and to improve on what went before?

Which element of project data analytics grabs you the most?

What are you currently working on? Are you helping to push boundaries?

In my next blog I’ll talk about how to get going.

By James Smith, CTO