In my previous blogs I have outlined a vision around how we need to prepare for the new and inevitable future.

We have developed a community of 4,500 people and hope to grow it significantly in 2020. We also run Project:Hack, our community hackathon. These help to give people exposure to the unlimited potential of project data analytics, but we could do more…

This is why we’ve created the [Project] Data Analyst Apprenticeship.

For some, an apprenticeship is viewed as something only for 18-year-olds to do just after they have left school. However, the world has moved on. The government tax companies, via the apprenticeship levy, to up-skill their workforce; gaining them new skills, relevant to the challenges of the future.

If they don’t spend the levy, HMRC keep it. It’s a tax that could be spent on training, up-skilling YOU to be a pioneer in a new discipline- a pathfinder.

By James Smith, CTO