I’ve been asked a few questions on Linkedin recently about the Project Data Analytics apprenticeship and wanted to share some updates with you. We’ll get these onto the website soon.

Can all companies gain access to the levy?

Yes. Companies that pay the levy get 100% funding. SMEs with <50 people are able to get access to the levy too, but only at 95% (or 100% if the employee is 18). The government pays the funding directly to the training provider.

How much does it cost?

Each apprenticeship has a maximum allowable cost. This apprenticeship is £15,000. We also provide a discount for any prior learning.

Are apprenticeships just for 18 year olds?

Definitely not. Most of the people on cohort 1 are existing employees with some >40 years old. Things have moved on since the apprenticeships of old and you should regard it as continued professional development to upskill and reskill. But if you are 18 years old then your employer will receive 100% funding plus also receive a £1000 additional payment.

What does level 4 apprenticeship mean?

It’s the equivalent to a foundation degree. We aim it at level 4 rather than a degree or masters because it is very hands on. We have found that employees and learners both want experience of working with data, developing tools and deriving insights rather than a course which is more theory based.

Is it all classroom based?

We work hard to differentiate our apprenticeship. You’ll be taught by me, the CEO of the company, Dr James Smith who is our CEO plus other members of our team. We combine classroom learning with practical exercises working on your data wherever possible. We also bring in industry experts to share case studies and latest developments so we keep it relevant and current; we have a community of >5,000 people so know where all the ninjas are! You’ll get to compete in Project:Hack 3 times a year where you will develop cutting edge capabilities. In the March 2020 Project:Hack teams developed a variety of solutions from a voice app to capture health and safety observations through a solution that was able to identify errors in a technical specification. You’ll have the opportunity to pull these solutions into a live environment.

How long is it?

We aim to complete the course in 15 months but are happy to extend it for people who have mitigating circumstances.

Can I fit it around work?

It is designed to do exactly this. 2 intensive weeks, 4 x hackathons comprising a prehack day and weekend hack. 15 afternoons and evening meetups over 15 months. We have online drop-in sessions every 2 weeks.  We aim to explain a lot of the theory and context, then follow it up immediately afterwards with practical sessions where we keep revisiting the fundamentals. We focus a lot of effort on ‘doing’ with real data and real challenges.

But….. as part of the onboarding process you and your line manager sign a commitment statement that you will attend the sessions and complete any coursework. So it has to take priority over work or meetings, otherwise government are funding training that you don’t attend.

I’ve got lots of experience, can I still join?

The rules on this are quite detailed, You are allowed to have domain or adjacent experience, but if you have a lot of data analytics experience then government will say that the levy is probably better off being spent on those who are able to gain more from it. We can explain further.

I can’t find Project Data Analyst in the list of apprenticeships.

It would take us 3 years to get a new syllabus agreed so we base the apprenticeship on the data analyst apprenticeship. All the exercises and hands on experience is centred around a project delivery environment. We also explain how to apply the theory and practice to your role and some of the challenges that you are likely to encounter.

I don’t live in England, can I still apply?

This is a devolved responsibility so different rules apply for each country. Please call us.


Places will sell out for the next cohort so please apply soon.