The Elephant in the Room. The majority of project delivery professionals have been involved with lessons learned processes, but do they work?

What is your experience of lessons learned systems in project management?

Are you able to evidence the impact that the process is having?

In 2017 I began a collaboration with Dr Stephen Duffield where we investigated the status of lessons learned across a number of organisations. We combined this with a review of published literature and concluded that the lessons learned processes are inconsistent and largely result in lists of anodyne lessons that are difficult to leverage.

Within the paper we propose an alternative approach based on leveraging experience, where we combine our work on knowledge models, incentive models and data models. It is cutting edge thinking and has the potential to transform how we leverage the hard won experience of project delivery.

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We will be sharing these insights within a number of conferences in the coming months.


JMPM #18 Paper Lessons Learned