We are trailblazers in helping organisations to unlock the potential of their project delivery data. From data visualisations to high-end AI and Machine Learning, our industry experts can tailor solutions to improve your project outcomes.


We use an incremental approach centred around your existing capabilities to characterise, model, visualise and extract insights from your data. We start with your use case, understanding what you are striving to achieve, we perform a data gap analysis, then move on to data models and technical architectures. We develop visualisations to bring your data to life, before exploring the potential of robotic process automation, machine learning and AI. This transformational approach enables us to predict the causes of variance, pre-empting risks, auto-adjusting schedules and improving outcomes.

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We are proud founders and sponsors of the Project Data Analytics Community – the UK’s biggest community of project delivery and data science professionals. At the heart of this community is a shared passion to leverage advanced data analytics to transform project delivery. National and regional events provide networking opportunities for skilled professionals to share good practice, develop collective skills and push boundaries. For further information or to join us, visit our community website at www.projectdataanalytics.uk

Organisations are turning to advanced analytics to extract deeper insights from data and required suitably qualified and experienced people to help with this journey. However, there is a shortage of people who have the skills to apply data science in a project delivery environment. Recognising this lack of capacity, we created the Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship and the STEM Graduate Conversion Programme.

Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship

This level 4 (foundation degree equivalent) apprenticeship is delivered over a period of 15 months. We train apprentices in data science, analytics and engineering with a project management specialism. We facilitate at every stage in the process and the training, challenges and dataset will be tailored to the demands of the organisation. Graduates will emerge ‘oven-ready for a career in project data analytics, with reach-back to alumni for specialist support. For further information see our Data Analyst Apprenticeship Information Sheet.

STEM Graduate Conversion Programme

Graduates will be mentored throughout a 12 week structured programme, with hands on experience with real data. Please email for further information.

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