We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of bid management, strategy, change, programme and project management. These solutions are rooted in our experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors spanning government, private sector and charities. Get a better understanding of our services and expertise here.

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Leveraging Experience

We help organisations leverage the rich seam of project delivery experience that resides within their projects, connecting this with data from other projects and publicly available sources to derive insights that would previously have been unimaginable. 

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Assurance & Coaching

Senior management need to maintain oversight of delivery of these business critical outcomes. Projecting Success help organisations to develop insights that shape assurance, moving from a reactive, enforcement based capability to one that is predictive and uses coaching to help influence productivity. 

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Data Integration

We are expert practitioners in identifying, sourcing, harvesting, integrating and extracting insights from disparate sets of data. We really understand how to deliver game changing capability, without overpromising what can be delivered in the short term. 


We understand the importance of data, analysis and business intelligence. But data alone isn't sufficient. It needs to be aligned with the use case and translated into a story that is both compelling and also captures the professional imagination. Experience only really transitions into learning when those leveraging it can process it, relate to it and apply it. 

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