Our quest is to transform how organisations capture, analyse, correlate and exploit their experience accrued as a consequence of programme and project delivery. With an industry leading evidence base of nearly 20,000 lessons we have a deep understanding of the lessons that arise during the lifecycle of a project. We understand what works and how to implement an approach that forges connections between disparate sets of data. We help to create the organisational imperative for change, demonstrating the impact that a world class machine learning and AI capability can have on delivery performance. It can be an expensive process to identify, collate and integrate data, so it is important to maintain perspective and understand how the data will translate into a return on investment.

At Projecting Success we don’t believe that the current approaches to learning from experience work; the evidence supports this, with negative lessons sometimes being repeated up to 11 times within the same organisation and hundreds of times across an industry. Many of the lessons we see tend to be superficial and for seasoned project staff are regarded as statements of the obvious.

The end result is an underexploited dataset of lessons learned that degrades into shelfware.

We believe that the dataset that spans the full range of project performance holds the key to future productivity improvement. It represents a significant amount of intellectual capital and investment. 
Projecting Success offer a transformational solution to lessons management, integrating the latest thinking in data analytics, machine learning, P3M good practice and knowledge management. We reach across organisational stovepipes to identify themes and trends, facilitate connections and develop insights that would otherwise be out of reach.

We work in partnership with organisations to offer an end to end data analytics solution, providing access to an evidence pool and toolset which would be impossible to create within the boundaries of a single organisation. This is available as an end to end service spanning the full project lifecycle or as a selection of distinct services.

Advice on the practical implications of establishing a leading edge data analytics capability

Developing use cases, data models and algorithms. Challenging bias. Getting under the skin of lessons identified and root cause analysis.

Coaching senior programme and project delivery professionals on the factors that affect their projects through tailored analysis, insights and case studies.

Data analytics. Identifying trends and correlations that may otherwise be difficult to identify using the very latest in machine learning and AI methods.

Helping to share good practice, identify others who have faced similar challenges and enabling people to connect.

Bringing innovation to address the stagnating performance of project management delivery.

Develop the evidence and package it within suitable UI and BI to facilitate a storytelling based approach.

We would be delighted to discuss further to configure the solution to align with the specific requirements of your business.