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March 2020

We produce this newsletter to keep you plugged into the very latest developments, building capacity and understanding within the project delivery community. As part of this quest we have now launched the (Project) Data Analyst apprenticeship. It's equivalent to a foundation degree and will develop a brand new cadre of professionals who straddle the divide between project delivery and data analytics. There has been lots of interest, so to be in with a chance of registering for the second cohort get in touch and register your interest soon; more details can be found here.

Project Delivery
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What Does AI and Data Mean for the Project Profession
04/03/2020 - By John McGlynn
Interesting blog from John McGlynn on AI and project data analytics. Its light on detail but a useful helicopter view. Read more ...
The Deep Tech part of Building a Deep Tech Company
23/02/2020 - By Alan Mosca
2nd part of a blog from Alan Mosca, nPlan, on some of the implementation challenges with high end data science in a P3M context. Read more ...
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The Place of Management in an AI Curriculum
15/02/2020 - By Lee Schlenker
Academic degrees often focus too much on the data science and not enough on data culture, change and the impact on organisations. This article provides and interesting perspective. Read more ...
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Data Advisory Firm Mudano to Join Accenture
05/02/2020 - By
Big congratulations to the guys at Mudano. They have presented at the community meetups a couple of times and are going on a really exciting journey. Read more ...
Penta Ocean Construction : Joint Research and Development of “Bar Arrangement Inspection System” Using Artificial Intelligence Image Analysis Technology
09/03/2020 - By
A really interesting research agreement in Japan that aims to develop a tool to improve the efficiency of rebar inspection. The advantage of this system is its ease of use, allowing all workers to access it. This agreement highlights the benefits of collaboration, and helps to address particular skill shortages. Read more ...
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OnSiteIQ raises $4.5 million to improve construction safety using AI and 360-degree imagery
18/02/2020 - By VentureBeat
OnSiteIQ announced that it has raised a $4.5 million series A round to grow its AI-powered safety analysis of 360-degree imagery from construction sites. The platform stitches together construction site imagery so that managers can view the footage in a similar way to Google Street View. Read more ...
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Automated construction site productivity and quality monitoring
13/02/2020 - By Tech Xplore
The RECAP project by Aalto University examines how machine learning can be used to detect quality issues and monitor progress on construction sites on a daily basis. Read more ...
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Construction Data Trust Brochure
7/02/2020 - By Construction Data Trust
The Construction Data Trust have released their transformation vision in the Construction Data Trust brochure. This document provides a summary of many of the challenges that must be grappled with, and provides an insight in the approach that is to be taken. Read more ...
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Thomas Siebel: AI to transform oil and gas
05/03/2020 - By Petroleum Economist
An interview with Thomas Siebel on how the company he founded,, is partnering with different companies in the energy sector to develop machine learning solutions to tackle the problems they face. Read more ...
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Emerson, QRI to deliver AI-based analytics
04/03/2020 - By Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine
An interesting collaboration to apply AI-based analytics to oil and gas exploration. Read more ...
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The Digital Oil Refinery: From Processing Crude to Processing Data
24/02/2020 - By OilX
How a data centric approach is benefiting digital transformation in the energy industry. Read more ...
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Life after SCANNER in Bristol
03/03/2020 - By Highways Magazine
Last month we reported on a survey by the Department for Transport that monitored and collected road condition data. The highway maintenance manager for Bristol council talks in detail about the one of the new systems they are using to automatically survey road surfaces. Read more ...
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Odakyu Electric trials Nokia's AI-based scene analytics
20/02/2020 - By Railway Technology
A great example of how AI is being used to improve health and safety around the Odakyu electric railway system in Japan. Read more ...
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Future of Rail | Artificial intelligence helps Network Rail's maintenance regime
19/02/2020 - By New Civil Engineer
An interesting look at how AI is helping to solve problems for Network Rail, particularly with their maintenance programme. Read more ...
Data Analytics
AI & Machine Learning
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If AI's So Smart, Why Can't It Grasp Cause and Effect?
09/03/2020 - By WIRED
Causality in one of the hottest topics in machine learning at the moment. This article explores the difficulties with creating a causal model, but details the approach taken by … to address this issue. Read more ...
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Google is making it easier to develop quantum machine learning apps
09/03/2020 - By MIT Technology Review
TensorFlow Quantum will make quantum machine learning a lot easier, by being able to easily switch between a quantum computer and a simulation of one. Whilst a very niche area at present, its use is likely to grow in use as quantum computing develops. Read more ...
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Using Integrated ML to Deliver Low-Latency Mobile VR Graphics
05/03/2020 - By Facebook AI
A new machine learning framework from Facebook to allow the use of machine learning on VR devices with mobile chipsets due the low-latency and power efficiency of the framework. Read more ...
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A New Model and Dataset for Long-Range Memory
05/03/2020 - By DeepMind
A really interesting read for those interested in Natural Language Processing and memory in deep learning. DeepMind propose a new long-range memory model, as well as a new dataset for book-level language processing. Read more ...
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The New Tool Helping Asian Newsrooms Detect Fake Images
25/02/2020 - By Google AI
Source is a new app that allows the user to quickly identify manipulated images shared on social media that are likely to be the source of inaccurate or fake news. Read more ...
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Introducing PyTorch3D: An Open-Source Library for 3D Deep Learning
06/02/2020 - By Facebook AI
PyTorch3D is being released, and will help to make 3D deep learning easier. 3D learning is important as it helps AI systems to better operate in the real world, however research and progress has been limited due to a lack of sufficient resources. Read more ...
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Rwanda inks deal to host Africa's only big data hub
09/03/2020 - By The New Times
Rwanda have signed a deal to house Africa’s data hub, which along with three other hubs across the globe will help to develop the use of big data. Read more ...
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CCMatrix: A Billion-Scale Bitext Data Set for Training Translation Models
06/02/2020 - By Facebook AI
Facebook have released CCMatrix, the largest data set of high-quality, web-based bitext for training translation models. This will help to allow researchers to develop more effective machine translation models that work with a wider variety of languages. Read more ...
Robotic Process Automation
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Navigating the compliance minefield with robotic process automation
06/03/2020 - By Information Age
How RPA can help to tackle the ever increasing burden of compliance. Read more ...
Microsoft Goes All-In On RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
02/03/2020 - By Forbes
An informative article on the future of software vendors in the RPA market, and how Microsoft are looking to disrupt the current state of the market. Read more ...
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