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May 2020

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Project Delivery
Centimetre-Accurate As-Builts Efficiently Captured with a Smartphone
14/05/2020 - By Geospatial World
The startup AVUS have developed technology that can accurately capture as-builts from video taken on a phone, directly through their app. The technology utilizes machine learning to extract features from the video. It is designed to be used for underground infrastructure, and hopes to improve health and safety on sites through more accurate mapping. Read more ...
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How artificial intelligence is improving the efficiency of BIM
11/05/2020 - By Planning, BIM & Construction Today
An interesting article on how AI is helping to improve BIM systems in areas such as risk mitigation and productivity improvements. Read more ...
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Using aerial photography and AI to classify buildings
07/05/2020 - By Planning, BIM & Construction Today
A new project utilizing satellite images to create geospatial datasets that can be used to classify buildings and structures. An interesting project that will utilize the vast amount of satellite imagery that already exists. It will be interesting to understand potential commercial uses of this research going forward. Read more ...
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Robots, AI, and the road to a fully autonomous construction industry
04/05/2020 - By VentureBeat
Built Robotics have created autonomous driving technology for construction machinery. They argue that this technology might be more advanced that autonomous cars due the regulatory barriers that need to be overcome to see self-driving vehicles on our roads. These vehicles are currently only being used in the early stages of construction when humans are not yet working on site, so it will be interesting to see if this changes in the future. Read more ...
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Succeeding with machine learning and introducing emerging technologies
08/05/2020 - By Smart Energy
An interesting podcast with a project manager at NTE on the role of data science in the energy industry, and the importance of data in the future of the sector. Read more ...
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Harnessing machine learning - part two
05/05/2020 - By Oilfield Technology
Some use cases of machine learning being applied to the oil and gas sector. Read more ...
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Artificial intelligence, 3D scanning being used to improve safety at oil and gas sites
19/04/2020 - By Edmonton Journal
3D scanning of oil and gas sites, combined with machine learning, is being used to allow safety inspectors to focus their time on areas of higher risk. Read more ...
OMNIQ Corp. Introduces SeeHOV™ AI- Machine Vision Solution for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Violation Detection
24/04/2020 - By GlobeNewswire
In the US, OMNIQ Corp is assisting authorities in California in the policing of ‘High Occupancy Vehicle’ lanes through computer vision technology. Read more ...
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FITSCO and Cognitive Pilot to develop AI-based computer vision system
23/04/2020 - By Railway Technology
Another step towards autonomous vehicles, this time in China FITSCO and Cognitive Pilot have partnered to develop advanced AI-based driver assistance system, with the end goal of eventually being fully autonomous. Read more ...
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Free webinar: Effective data integration
11/05/2020 - By WWTonline
A webinar on June 4th on how utilities companies can implement a data integration strategy with the end goal of creating a ‘Smart’ water network. Read more ...
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Can AI predict the next big flood before it happens?
30/04/2020 - By Massive Science
A report from a group of scientists in the US who have been examining historical floods across North America. They are the first research group to identify atmospheric causes of river flooding, and the hope is this research can be used for flood prevention across the globe. Read more ...
Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship
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There are huge untapped opportunities to be exploited in the rich seems of data produced by the projects we deliver. However, there is a shortage of people who have the skills to apply data science in a project delivery environment, which is exacerbated as organizational demands for data insights grows. Recognising this lack of capacity, we created the Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship. Read more ...
AI & Machine Learning
A State-of-the-Art Open Source Chatbot
29/04/2020 - By Facebook AI
Facebook has released and open-sourced the code for ‘BlenderBot’, their latest chatbot. This chatbot is designed to have improved engagement, and has a more ‘human feel’ that other chatbots currently available. Read more ...
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A Scalable Approach to Reducing Gender Bias in Google Translate
22/04/2020 - By Google AI
In 2018 Google Translate announced a new feature, gender-specific translations, to give the user both masculine and feminine translations to certain phrases. After attempting to role this feature out to more language pairs scalability problems were encountered. Their latest approach involves waiting until after translation has occurred to detect if a phrase is gendered. A really interesting piece of work in the area of reducing bias in machine learning. Read more ...
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EfficientDet: Towards Scalable and Efficient Object Detection
15/04/2020 - By Google AI
Google have introduced a new family of scalable object detection models. A problem that is prevalent with current models that perform well is the high computational resources they require. This new model achieves the same excellent performance whilst being up to 9 times smaller than current approaches, making it much more usable in real world applications. Read more ...
Data Analytics
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NVIDIA Accelerates Apache Spark, World's Leading Data Analytics Platform
14/05/2020 - By GlobeNewswire
NVIDIA have announced they are bring GPU acceleration to Apache Spark 3.0 that is due to be released this year, a hugely exciting announcement for the industry. Read more ...
New Code Completeness Checklist and Reproducibility Updates
8/04/2020 - By Facebook AI
Papers with code have release a code completion checklist for machine learning, with the objective being to improve reproducibility of code. Over the last few years the field of AI research has faced a lot of questions over how reproducible certain results are, and it is good to see big players in the industry taking positive steps forward. Read more ...
Data Visualisation
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Understanding the Shape of Large-Scale Data
05/05/2020 - By Google AI
An interesting article on recent advances in graph representation learning from Google AI. Read more ...
Robotic Process Automation
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The Truth About Why RPA Fails To Scale
15/05/2020 - By Forbes
An article detailing reasons for scaling issues with RPA deployment. Read more ...
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UK finally sees automation success as 6 in 10 UK businesses invest in RPA and process mining
13/05/2020 - By HR News
This article highlights the strides being made by UK firms in the adoption of RPA technologies. These are only likely to become more important as companies strive for efficiency gains in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more ...
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