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July 2020

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Project, Portfolio and Programme Management
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A Route to Data Driven Project Delivery in 2025
05/07/2020 - By Martin Paver
Our CEO has written a blog on a route to data driven project delivery in 2025. A useful overview of current status and some of the challenges that will need to be tackled. Read more ...
The Future of Contracting
03/07/2020 - By Dev Amratia
An interesting blog from nPlan on how to reinvent how we contract for projects, rewarding those who inject realism, provide increased confidence/certainty in delivery. Read more ...
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Data Analytics Must Drive the New World Order
18/06/2020 - By Martin Paver
A helpful blog on why we need a radical overhaul in how we deliver projects, and why now is a good time to start. Read more ...
Project Delivery
Chinese construction firms using AI to keep tabs on workers
06/07/2020 - By South China Morning Post
Construction sites across China have been using an AI tool that takes feeds from construction site CCTV feeds to monitor workers’ behavior. The tool has been used to improve the health and safety of workers, as well as to spot loitering on site, and send alerts to managers. There are obvious privacy concerns with this sort of technology, particularly as it relies on facial recognition technology, but it is likely less invasive tools similar to this will start to appear more regularly on sites with a focus on worker health and safety. Read more ...
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Construction Data For Facilities Of The Future
24/06/2020 - By Facility Executive Magazine
An interesting article on the importance of good quality data in construction to allow us to benefit from analytics, AI and automation solutions. Currently a lot of data is siloed and part of disjointed workflows, and this needs to be fixed before we can see the benefits of this data. Read more ...
Clustering considerations for machine learning
02/07/2020 - By Digital Energy Journal
A really interesting article on some of the difficulties encountered when working with datasets from the energy industry, and some of the different dimensionality reduction techniques that can be used to extract insights from this data. Read more ...
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BP Ventures invests in geospatial analytics firm to detect methane leaks
23/06/2020 - By Offshore Technology
BP have invested in a geospatial analytics company that use satellites and drones to monitor environmental changes to help spot methane leaks. Read more ...
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Alstom launches AI solution to enforce social distancing on trains
01/07/2020 - By Railway Technology
Alstom have introduced an AI tool to monitor passenger traffic and flows. This solution is designed to assist with maintaining social distancing on trains. What is particularly interesting about this tool is the large variety of different data sources it uses – mobile network traffic, camera feeds, weight measurements, ticketing machines and more. Read more ...
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'Intelligent' pothole cameras keeping workers safe during Covid-19
26/06/2020 - By Hertfordshire County Council
Hertfordshire County Council are using a camera on their vehicles that is connected to an AI tool that identifies road defects and logs them. This tool has been particularly beneficial over the last few months as it has allowed a single driver to be in the car at any one time so that social distancing can be maintained. Read more ...
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Data-driven performance and short term planning projects funded
14/06/2020 - By Railway Gazette International
RSSB has announced the winners of funding for projects aiming to utilize data to improve operational performance for the rail industry. Read more ...
Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship
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The next cohort of the project data analyst apprenticeship starts of 3rd August. It is free for most companies. Read more ...
AI & Machine Learning
Introducing a New, Large-Scale Dynamic Data Set to Push the Limits of Natural Language Processing
03/07/2020 - By Facebook AI
Facebook have release a new dataset for natural language processing tasks. The reason for this new dataset is to counter current problems that exist with static benchmarks that have been unable to keep up with the progress in the NLP field. A link to the full paper and the dataset can be found at the bottom of the article. Read more ...
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Call to establish £100m Centre for AI, Energy and Climate as UK risks falling behind
16/06/2020 - By Current News
This letter to the UK government highlights the impact Artificial Intelligence can have in helping the UK to achieve its net zero commitment, and that this should be a top priority as we try to rebuild from the COVID crisis. Read more ...
Extracting Structured Data from Templatic Documents
12/06/2020 - By Google AI
A solution from Google to try and improve our ability to extract structured data from templatic documents, such as receipts and invoices. The approach first relies on an OCR model to extract text from the document, and it then runs something called a candidate generator to identify the pieces of text that might relate to a specific field in the document. Read more ...
PEGASUS: A State-of-the-Art Model for Abstractive Text Summarization
09/06/2020 - By Google AI
Google have introduced PEGASUS, a new text summarization model. The text summarization problem is an extremely difficult one to solve well, and has a huge number of potential uses. Read more ...
Data Visualisation
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Wiz of Viz: a S.M.A.R.T.E.R. approach to data visualisation
23/06/2020 - By iCrossing UK
This article highlights some of the benefits of good data visualization, and details some best practices that you should use. Read more ...
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