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September 2020

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Project, Portfolio and Programme Management
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We Need a Systems Approach to Data Analytics and AI
17/08/2020 - By Association for Project Management
An interesting article from our CEO on the importance of a ‘systems approach’ in the implementation of data analytics in Project Delivery. Read more ...
Introducing ANNIE – a Powerful New Artificial Intelligence Solution
06/2020 - By Costain Group
Interesting news from Costain on the development of Annie, their AI tool for programme management. Read more ...
Project Delivery
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Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Process Management In Construction
08/09/2020 - By Forbes
This article explores some of the limitations of current technology for process management, and how AI can assist progress tracking on construction sites. Read more ...
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Stavanger Hospital uses AI to detect construction deviations in real-time
13/08/2020 - By Planning, BIM & Construction Today
An interesting article on how 3D scanning is being used to monitor progress and detect issues. Read more ...
Using AI In Construction to Reduce Injuries and Save Lives
13/08/2020 - By Mind Foundry
A webinar and report on a collaboration with HSE that uses Artificial Intelligence to detect patterns in health & safety data from constructions sites with the aim of reducing the number of incidents that occur. Read more ...
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Machine learning: It's all about the data
06/08/2020 - By KHL Group
An interesting article on the importance of data for machine learning in the construction industry, and some examples of how it is being used. For the construction industry to make the most of AI the quality and volumes of data collected will need to improve, and the construction data trust should help to make this happen. Read more ...
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Considerations Before Implementing AI in the Oil and Gas Industry
09/09/2020 - By OILMAN Magazine
This article highlights the importance of having a master data strategy to improve the quality and availability of organizational data before any AI solutions can be implemented. Read more ...
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Network Rail funds railway infrastructure artificial intelligence project
08/09/2020 - By Global Railway Review
A really interesting piece of work mapping the UKs railway infrastructure with the use of Artificial Intelligence. If successful this should save Network Rail huge amounts of resources, and also improve the quality of data collected. Read more ...
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Ardenna launches Rail-Inspector, an advanced inspection and track health software for railroads
04/09/2020 - By Commercial UAV News
Another AI powered tool to analyse drone footage of railway tracks to automatically detect any defects that may be present. Read more ...
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UK soft fruit growers to create 'world's first robotic farm'
20/08/2020 - By FarmingUK
An interesting project that looks to trial the future of fruit growing in the UK. Read more ...
Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship
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The next cohort of the project data analyst apprenticeship starts on 12th October. It is free for most companies. Read more ...
AI & Machine Learning
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Traffic Prediction With Advanced Graph Neural Networks
03/09/2020 - By DeepMind
An interesting piece of research from DeepMind using Graph Neural Networks to improve the accuracy of journey ETAs by predicting future road traffic conditions. Read more ...
A Facebook-Scale Simulator to Detect Harmful Behaviors
23/07/2020 - By Facebook AI
Facebook has developed a new method to build large-scale simulations of social networks, allowing them to more accurately detect harmful behaviors. Read more ...
Deep Learning to Translate Between Programming Languages
21/07/2020 - By Facebook AI
Facebook AI have developed a really interesting new tool, ‘TransCoder’, a deep learning system for translating code between different languages. Although the translation struggles between some language pairs, this could prove an extremely valuable tool for organisations looking to migrate their codebase. Read more ...
Data Analytics
National Data Strategy
09/09/2020 - By Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport
A very welcome step forward with the publication of the UK Government's national data strategy. The key pillars of the strategy include: Data Foundations, Data Skills, Data Availability and Responsible Data. Read more ...
This Know-It-All AI Learns by Reading the Entire Web Nonstop
04/09/2020 - By MIT Technology Review
A really interesting post on knowledge graphs, just imagine what we could achieve with a project based knowledge graph. Read more ...
From Secret Exercise Classes to Preventing Accidents at Sea – 7 Organisations Proving the Value of Data Sharing
03/09/2020 - By Open Data Institute
Useful examples of how data sharing can help, which provides context to the work we are doing on data trusts. Read more ...
Introducing the Model Card Toolkit for Easier Model Transparency Reporting
29/07/2020 - By Google AI
Google have released a model transparency tool, Model Cards, to provide a framework for machine learning model reporting. Model transparency and interpretability have become the focus of increased scrutiny more recently, and it is good to see research into these areas. Read more ...
Robotic Process Automation
The Imperatives For Automation Success
25/08/2020 - By McKinsey & Company
An interesting article from McKinsey & Company on process automation. It highlights commonalities between the companies that have succeeded in implementing automation solutions. Read more ...
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Alteryx and UiPath Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Hyperautomation
12/08/2020 - By Business Wire
Hyperautomation is a growing area, and UiPath’s partnership with Alteryx will only improve their hyperautomation offering. Read more ...
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