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October 2020

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Project, Portfolio and Programme Management
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Task Force White Paper
30/09/2020 - By Project Data Analytics Task Force
An online event was held to launch the Project Data Analytics Task Force, a cross sector collaboration of senior professionals with a shared interest in transforming how projects are delivered. The launch event saw the publication of the Task Force White Paper which helps to outline key workstreams and a way ahead. Read more ...
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Why We Need a Project Data Analytics Task Force
27/09/2020 - By Projecting Success
Our CEO, Martin Paver, discusses the challenges he encountered when setting up the Project Data Analytics Task Force. The Task Force successfully launched on the 30th of September. Read more ...
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Australia is a Pioneering Nation in the Adoption of Connected Project Data
29/09/2020 - By Infrastructure Magazine
Project focused industries in Australia are improving their efficiency through the use of connected data. Read more ...
Project Data
By Operations Research and Scheduling Research Group
A source of project data that may be helpful for some. Read more ...
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Project Data
06/10/2020 - By Martin Paver
Helpful discussion on the implications of opening up data. Read more ...
Project Delivery
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Machine learning to transform delivery of major rail projects in UK
06/10/2020 - By Global Railway Review
Network Rail announces collaboration with nPlan to implement machine learning across it’s portfolio of projects. This is a world first for such work on this scale and is exciting news for the industry of project data analytics. Read more ...
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Behind the curve: Construction and AI | Technology & AI
29/09/2020 - By Construction Global - The Global Construction Platform
A 2018 McKinsey report suggested that the Construction industry has been proving resistant to adopting new technology in project delivery. That change is now coming, and the industry will have to enter a new age. Read more ...
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Winvic secures funding for AI-enabled site safety system
16/09/2020 - By Planning, BIM & Construction Today
Winvic, UWE Bristol and One Big Circle Consortium have secured funding from Innovate UK to leverage real time imaging to alert site operatives to potential hazards in their vicinity. A truly ground-breaking Health & Safety initiative. Read more ...
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Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Process Management In Construction
08/09/2020 - By Forbes
Forbes report on the challenges face by the construction industry in adopting AI solutions and highlight some of the revolutionary work being undertaken by Buildots. Read more ...
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eDrilling gets Norwegian funding for well software study
06/10/2020 - By Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine
eDrilling are investigating how AI and analytics can be implemented on existing oil field infrastructure. The have secured funding from the Research Council of Norway to carry out this research. Read more ...
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Blockchain renewable energy trading creates path for microgrid electricity
05/10/2020 - By Verdict
Distro has successfully trialed an energy trading platform that uses AI and blockchain. This has led to an 11% reduction of energy costs during the trial. Read more ...
AVEVA unveils Real-Time Crude solution for Oil and Gas operators
01/10/2020 - By Business Weekly
Cambridge engineering software company AVEVA are using machine learning to provide Oil & Gas companies with greater visibility of their value chain and how that is impacted by crude oil quality. Read more ...
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Powering up the transition to a new energy world - E.ON, AI and digitalisation
17/09/2020 - By Diginomica
E.ON CEO Matthew Timms has announced that they’re putting data at the heart of their business in an address to London Tech Week. Read more ...
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AI-based cameras detect rail travellers with fever, without masks
19/09/2020 - By
In the global battle against Covid-19, AI based cameras are being used in India to identify rail travelers who are not wearing a face mask and have a fever. Read more ...
HS2 eyes AI as way to cut costs and carbon
15/09/2020 - By Construction News
HS2 is trialing a tool that uses AI to assess the financial and carbon implications of competing designs. This will lead to the implementation of more environmentally friendly solutions. Read more ...
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Network Rail funds railway infrastructure artificial intelligence project
08/09/2020 - By Global Railway Review
Funded by Network Rail via Innovate UK, Hexagon's Geospatial division is researching higher-precision infrastructure mapping using AI. This research will use LiDAR data to automatically identify and measure railway infrastructure. Read more ...
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IoT supports sustainable water project in East Africa
06/10/2020 - By Developing Telecoms
Ericsson is partnering Telenor Connexion to provide global connectivity to Wayout, who offer sustainable water treatment factories in East Africa. Read more ...
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Toshiba Launches Innovative IoT Solution for Water Treatment Sites
05/10/2020 - By AiThority
Toshiba has launched a product providing data collection, analysis and visualization to U.S water and wastewater treatment facilities. Read more ...
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Understanding Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing
14/09/2020 - By Emerj
Emerj detail how Machine Learning can be used to drive efficient preventative maintenance. Read more ...
Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship
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The next cohort of the project data analyst apprenticeship starts on 12th October. It is free for most companies. Read more ...
AI & Machine Learning
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GPT3 could revolutionise how business can use AI
06/10/2020 - By
Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, also known as GPT3, is being utilized to provide an extremely powerful NLP service. Created by OpenAI, it has been trained using almost 500 billion words from the Internet. Read more ...
State of AI Report
01/10/2020 - By State of AI
AI investors Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth present their views on, and predictions for, the AI industry in their 3rd annual summary. Read more ...
Audiovisual Speech Enhancement in YouTube Stories
01/10/2020 - By Google AI
Inbar Mosseri of Google Research blogs on efforts to increase the audio quality in videos. They introduce ‘Looking to Listen’, machine learning technology that achieves state of the art speech enhancement. Read more ...
Data Analytics
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Factors that Affect Data Science Projects and How to Avoid Them
06/10/2020 - By Analytics Insight
A dive into the lack of clear reporting and communication of data science projects and how success can be quantified. Read more ...
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Developers, get ready for the collision of DevOps and data analytics
02/10/2020 - By TechRepublic
TechRepublic present how the relationships between developers, data scientists and product managers are evolving, and how some roles are actually merging. Read more ...
Introducing Opacus: A High-Speed Library for Training PyTorch Models with Differential Privacy
31/08/2020 - By Facebook AI
Facebook AI introduce ‘Opacus’, a new high speed library for training PyTorch models that utilizes Differential Privacy. Read more ...
Robotic Process Automation
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Blueprint partners with Microsoft to unlock the full potential of new RPA desktop solution, Power Automate
06/10/2020 - By Yahoo Finance
Blueprint announce their partnership with Microsoft Power Automate. This will be of particular benefit to industries that experience a high level of regulation. Read more ...
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Microsoft Races Ahead On RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
22/09/2020 - By Forbes
Forbes report upon Microsoft’s continued development of Robotic Process Automation with their introduction of a desktop version of PowerAutomate, enabled by their acquisition of Softomotive Read more ...
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15 essential resources for robotic process automation teams
09/09/2020 - By TechBeacon
A review of 15 resources that will help drive the understanding of Robotic Process automation and assist organizations maximise its benefits. Read more ...
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