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February 2021

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Project Delivery
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RCP Construction and embrace AI to boost safety | Technology & AI
21/01/2021 - By Construction Global - The Global Construction Platform
RCP Construction and are developing AI technology to monitor safety procedures in realtime. The first phase will address the wearing of correct PPE and fencing around excavated areas. Read more ...
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Reducing embodied carbon through AI and machine learning
20/01/2021 - By Planning, BIM & Construction Today
Computer scientists at the University of the West of England are developing software that will reduce the carbon cost of projects. The AI software addresses the carbon generated during the construction phase associated with material transport, material extraction etc. Read more ...
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BlackSky Awarded IARPA Contract to Develop Platform for Global Construction Monitoring Using Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
06/01/2021 - By Business Wire
BlackSky announced an award from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity to further autonomous monitoring of construction activity using space based imagery. Read more ...
Podcast: Digitising safety management in construction
28/12/2020 - By Construction Week Online
Smart management platform are developing a safety management platform that is more intuitive and improves data quality. The interface will be more informal and “conversational”. Read more ...
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It's time for Oil & Gas companies to invest in AI
19/01/2021 - By Offshore Technology
Survey by GlobalData suggests only 56% of O&G executives fully understood AI technology. Slow adoption in heavy industries is expected, and can actually have advantages. Read more ...
National Grid sees machine learning as the brains behind the utility business of the future
24/12/2020 - By TechCrunch
National Grid’s venture firm has invested in 16 startups with a core focus on machine learning since it’s conception, demonstrating one of its strategic priorities. Read more ...
Energy Industry Adoption Of AI - Interview With Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow And Chief Data Scientist At Halliburton
23/12/2020 - By Forbes
Halliburton Chief Data Scientist, Satyam Priyadarsh, shares his insights on how data has changed the Energy Industry over the past decade. Read more ...
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Better rail services with digital transformation
06/01/2021 - By Global Railway Review
Huawei is supporting the rail industry with a range of digital solutions in a drive to improve operational efficiency. Read more ...
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How AI can help water go further in farming
15/01/2021 - By World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum delves into how emerging technology can help fine-tune irrigation to maximize crop yields and help farmers plan during fluctuating climate periods. Read more ...
Project Data Analyst Apprenticeship
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03/2021 - By Projecting Success
The last cohort of the Project Data Academy was fully subscribed. Our next one starts at the end on march. Boost your skills in Project Data Analytics and get involved. Read more ...
AI & Machine Learning
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A quick reflection on some ethical implications of creative AI
21/01/2021 - By Jair Ribeiro
In this article Jair Ribeiro investigates the potential ethical and legal implications when AI generates creative output such as art and inventions, focusing on rights, responsibilities and ownership. Read more ...
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5 Ways Organizations can Remove Bias in Machine Learning Models
21/01/2021 - By Analytics Insight
This article discusses the potential for inherent human bias to be built into machine learning models. Read more ...
Facebook’s PyGraph is an Open Source Framework for Capturing Knowledge in Large Graphs
03/09/2020 - By Jesus Rodriguez
Facebook has recently launched PyTorch BigGraph, a framework to improve embedding of large graphs structures in PyTorch models. Read more ...
Data Analytics
Martin Paver, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Projecting Success
2021 - By DataIQ
Projecting Success are delighted that their CEO was nominated and selected as one of the DataIQ most influential people in data 2021. Read more ...
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Google Cloud to launch free courses in cloud, AI and data analytics
18/01/2021 - By DevOps Online
Google Cloud has recently announced that it will be offering free training in AI, Machine Learning and Data Analysis. Participants will cover a variety of tools and gain Google skills badges to display their newly gained competencies. Read more ...
WhatsApp-Facebook data-sharing transparency under review by EU DPAs after Ireland sends draft decision
18/01/2021 - By Tech Crunch
Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has submitted a draft decision to fellow EU members for consideration. This decision addresses the recent backlash to WhatsApp’s changes to its terms and conditions. Read more ...
What the loss of records from the Police National Computer means
15/01/2021 - By Guardian
The Guardian addresses the implications of the recent loss of records from the Police National Computer. Up to 400,000 records of offences may have been lost. Read more ...
Towards a data quality culture – launching a framework for government
03/12/2020 - By Government Data Quality Hub
The UK government have launched a data quality framework. This will underpin all Government services, decisions and policies in the future. Read more ...
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