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We started as a small data start-up to becoming trailblazers within project data analytics. Founders of the Project Data Analytics Community

The project data ecosystem

To deliver our mission, we built an ecosystem of services and initiatives where data can be leveraged to mature capability.
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Company Values

Projecting Success have been working at the forefront of data driven project delivery since 2016. Collaboration is at the core of who we are, working together to solve the challenges that face the project delivery profession, for the benefit of society and the planet.
We take responsibility for our "part of the pitch"
We work together to succeed in our mission
Our positive attitude will inspire everyone around us
First Class
We have the mindset to be the best in all that we do
We are curious and not afraid to challenge the status quo

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Meet our team leading the way for project data analytics
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Other Initiatives

We believe collaboration is key. Since founding the largest project data community in the UK we have since led on various top-down initiatives, spearheading the way for project data analytics.

We are the driving force behind data driven project delivery. World renowned. You are in safe hands.
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Project Data Analytics Community
We founded the Project Data Analytics community. The community was developed in 2017, with aims to inspire and ignite a movement for project data analytics. It has since amassed a following of >10,000 followers. Visit the Community here.
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Project Data Analytics Task Force
We were instrumental in founding the PDA Task Force. The PDA community and Project Data Analytics Task Force are closely aligned. The Task provides the cross sector leadership to deliver the vision. Visit the Task Force here.
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Data trusts
We established the world's 1st and 2nd project data trusts. Visit data trusts here.

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Social Value

Kickstarting Careers
Leveraging the government kickstart scheme, we recruited and upskilled young professionals, giving them experience to kickstart their professional career. The programme's stars are now part of the team.
Sustainable Development Goals
We built on a community sourced app which looked to incorporate sustainable development goals across the lifespan of a project. These solutions are built to support a transition to net zero.
Education & Upskilling
The fundamental premise of the community and our training services. To educate, inspire and upskill people and ensure that they are prepared for an inevitable future.
Charitable Donations
Since hackathons started we have donated >£10k to charities such as Cancer Research and the British Red Cross.

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Projecting Success aren’t just working on data driven project delivery, we are taking a pivotal role in shaping and creating this future. If you’d like to speak to one of our experts on the subject then please register below, or drop us an email to enquiries@projectingsuccess.co.uk