Level 4 Data Analyst Course For Risk Managers

This course can help increase worker efficiency and productivity! From automating a range of tasks to enhancing data security and fraud detection - upskill yourself and your existing staff today with this data analyst course.

Course Information

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  1. First Episode of Learning (Introduction to Project Data Analytics)
  2. Data Fundamentals
  3. Data Visualisation with Power BI
  4. Programming
  5. Data Analysis & Machine Learning
  6. Data Modelling
  7. Power Platform
  8. Applied Machine Learning
  9. Data Security
  10. Customer and User Experience (CX & UX)
  11. Analyst Presentation Skills
  12. EPA Project Planning
  13. Data Driven Project Delivery
  14. Frontier Data Analysis Technology
  15. Presenting EPA Projects

Achieve badges on completion of modules which can be used across your career portfolio

  • 15-month program.
  • £15,000 Levy Funded, with no costs to learners!
  • Acquire Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship Qualification.
  • Learn whilst being paid a full salary!
  • Entry to the largest project data community and project hackathon in the UK.
  • How to collect data effectively in projects within teams and across the supply chain.
  • How to clean data with automation boosting productivity and letting you focus on higher value activity.
  • How to store and manage data with good safe practice encouraging collaboration across projects.
  • How to report data through effective visualisation and storytelling.

See apprenticeship leaflet for more detail

  • Power BI
  • Excel
  • Python
  • Anaconda
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Postman
  • Orange 3
  • SQL
  • Graph databases
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Canva

And much more …

  • Build internal data capability, driving up data quality and volume to underpin a project data transformation.
  • Improve staff retention. 
  • Drive up productivity, moving teams higher up the value chain.
  • Improved, automated reporting across key themes such as carbon, productivity and health and safety.
  • Enhance decision making with evidenced based data analytics and insights.
  • Leverage your hard won experience, codified in data.
  • Move closer to building project foresight. Know what will happen, before it happens.
  • Unlock the foundations for machine learning and AI. End to end across your supply chains.
  • A strong interest in data and risk management.

  • A strong interest in data and project management.

  • Experience in identifying and mitigating risks. This experience would be valuable in understanding how to use data to identify and mitigate risks.

  • Experience in working with stakeholders. This experience would be valuable in understanding how to communicate risk management and project findings in a clear and concise way to stakeholders.

  • Experience in managing projects. This experience would be valuable in understanding how to use data to track progress and manage resources.

  • Possess a valid passport/ birth certificate/residence permit and NI number.
  • Must have lived in the UK and /or EU prior to start date.
  • Must not be undertaking another apprenticeship at the same time.
  • The apprenticeship must offer substantive new skills and knowledge in your existing or new role.
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Benefits Of Our Data Analyst Course

Our apprenticeship courses are beneficial for both individual learners and large organisations. From increasing work efficiency to providing useful insights for businesses, our data analyst apprenticeship qualification can enhance the capabilities of risk managers and ensure that businesses stay ahead of their competitors.
Recognised Qualification
The Level 4 Data Analyst course allows learners to earn a nationally recognised qualification. Data is an important part of everyday life and is an ever-growing industry. Because of this, learning about how to collate and analyse data is a sought-after skill.
Better Decision-Making
This course provides insights that help businesses make well-informed, data-driven risk management decisions. It also allows learners to effectively assess and analyse various risk scenarios, leading to enhanced risk evaluation and better decision-making.
Risk Identification
Data analytics assists with identifying patterns and trends by analysing existing data, industry trends, and external factors. This analysis enables apprentices and businesses to identify areas of vulnerability and potential risks, enabling them to efficiently manage risks.

Benefits Of Our Training

A common misconception of data is that it is hard to learn about and understand. Our courses are suitable for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of technology and data. Our programmes are tailored to each learner's needs and allow you to earn a nationally recognised qualification!
Tailored Training
We offer bespoke training courses to cater to each learner's or company's needs. We aim to prove that data is for everyone! Our tutors want to build learners up and increase their confidence with data.
Expert Advice
Our courses open up opportunities that other programs will not. When you undertake our apprenticeships or short courses, you will interact with industry experts and receive important advice from leaders in the data industry!
Earn Whilst You Learn
Whilst undertaking our training courses, you can earn whilst you learn! You don't have to choose between education and income. Our courses are suitable for every career. From engineering to marketing, data is used by everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the FAQ's give you the answer your questions. If not, get in touch with us.

Functional Skills have been a mandatory component of apprenticeships since October 2012 Achieving a Functional Skills qualification demonstrates that an apprentice has all the skills they need in English and maths to be able to engage with their programme.

Achieving a Functional Skills qualification demonstrates that an apprentice has all the skills they need in English and maths to be able to engage with their programme.

Functional Skills provide learning tools that enable apprentices to:

  • Apply their knowledge and understanding to everyday life;
  • Engage competently and confidently with others;
  • Solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar problems;
  • Develop personally and professionally and
  • Secure a broader range of aptitudes, attitudes and behaviours that are needed in the working world

For more information on functional skills, view this document.

The apprenticeship is part or fully funded by the Government levy scheme, dependant on whether the employment organisation is a levy or non-levy employer.

The Data Analyst Level 4 is available through government levy funding only.

The maximum amount will be £750. (5% of the total course cost.)

Unfortunately, this won’t be the case. Part of the requirements of the apprenticeship is for learners to have Level 2 maths and English, if no evidence can be provided, the candidate will be required to complete the qualifications as part of the apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship is only available to anyone that has lived in the UK or EEA for the last 3 years.

15 months of practical learning, with an end point assessment of a further 3 months.

You will firstly need your employer’s approval, once approved you will be taken through the enrolment process whereby your eligibility will be checked against the ESFA funding criteria.

The equivalent of 48 days across the 15 months, plus time will be required for the end point assessment. Extra time will be required for learners that need to complete Functional Skills, up to an additional 10 days.

No, to be eligible for this apprenticeship you must work at least 50% of your time in England.

Cohorts run every other month.

All learning is delivered remotely via Teams.

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