Our data analyst hackathons are incredible, driving innovation and collaboration. Participants showcase analytical prowess, solving real-world challenges to optimise decision-making. These events unleash groundbreaking insights, empowering our organisation to excel in the data-driven era.


Run as a not-for-profit in collaboration with the Project Data Analytics Community and PDA Task Force , Project:Hack uses crowdsourcing to innovate and improve project delivery. It inspires data culture across the industry.
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Project: Virtual Hack

The Hackathons leverage collaboration and crowdsourcing to develop rapid innovation for the project industry. They are used to demonstrate the art of the possible encouraging creativity and team work.
Project: Virtual Hack is an online event.
  • Data visualisation (Power BI)
  • Low-code app development
  • Machine learning
  • Automation
  • Graph networking
  • Project management
  • Business analysis

The hack will focus on health & safety, carbon net zero and more. Project themes include:

  • Next Generation PMO
  • Automated Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Releasing Capacity
  • Risk Management
  • Next Generation Assurance
  • Human Performance
  • Productivity

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The largest project data hackathon in the UK. Leveraging collaboration and open-source coding, Project:Hack provides a dedicated community platform for data and project professionals and students to create impact.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the FAQ's give you the answer your questions. If not, get in touch with us.

3rd & 4th October 2023.

Project: Virtual Hack is an online event.

The hack is a two-day event whereby:

  • Challenges are presented on the first day
  • You are then encouraged to network and join a team
  • Plan, build and present your solutions in a recorded video pitch
  • Submit your pitch and solution
  • Highly Skilled Judges score and feedback
  • Winners revealed a week post event

Food, drinks and other activities will be provided on the day.

Eventbrite is the only platform selling tickets, please don't purchase anywhere else, if unsure contact our team.

When signing up to Project:Hack 20, please use the email that you want to be used to access the teams group e.g. work email.

These are in development and will be updated as we got closer to the event.

Check the latest news on this page for up-to-date challenge information.

See previous solutions and guidance below:

See previous Project:Hack Challenge solutions here.

Here's some guidance on preparing for the event.

At Project:Hack 20 there will be tons of support. Data scientists, Power Platform experts and domain subject matter experts will help to guide you throughout your journey. They will also help to guide you towards delivering the perfect pitch.

Data and computer science students are also welcome.

In order to ensure that people only book who intend to come to the event, we will be charging a fee. All ticket proceeds, less VAT and platform fees, will be donated to charity which is to be decided.

Please note that platform fees are non-refundable (Eventbrite policy).

Your laptop, access to any software that you are likely to need and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

We'll do our best to accommodate everyone, however there is a cap of 200, so first come first serve.

All content developed at the hackathons are to be open-sourced as this is the essence of the community. We strongly believe in collaboration.

Purely for the administration of this event, future events and any agreed follow up actions. It will not be used for any other purposes.

A key part of the hack is to build momentum across the community and inspire people. We would like photographs and videos for social media and marketing. But if you would prefer not to be involved then please contact us.

We do not permit the use of pre-made software at the hackathons, as this defeats the point of the hackathon. We are revisiting this and will update in due course within our hack policy.

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We believe in open-source development. Hack outputs are hosted on the solution centre to inspire and build upon for free.

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In-House Hackathons

Company specific hackathons which help organisations workshop project pinch points and work across teams to develop in-house solutions that are readily deployable. Develop solutions and internal capability together.
Whats included in our hackathon services?
Ideation Support
We help identify and curate challenges that will nurture effective solutions at the event.
Communication and Media
We provide communications support and marketing campaigns to build momentum for the event.
Cooardinating Judging
We coordinate judging through a network of thought leaders in the industry from large client and supplier organisations in the private and public sector.
Event management and document creation
From catering, to creating guidance packs, we deliver the event end-to-end so you can focus on what matters most.
Induction Workshops
Preparing attendees before the event so they know how to make the most out of the even.
Technical support
We cooperate with IT environments and venues to ensure the event runs smoothly.
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Read the hackathons in action. We blog insights into how the hackathons support development and innovation across the profession.
Health and safety report and insight tool interface
Project:Hack 15
Consisting of 14 challenges, ~200 attendees, 22 Solutions and >£2k raised for the British Red...

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