• Two Level 7 cohorts each year every 6 months
  • Capped at 25 per cohort
  • Commencing from Sept 2024

Level 7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist Course

This course will enable learners to discover new artificial intelligence solutions that use data to improve and automate business processes. Equivalent to a Master's Degree Qualification, enhance your career and workforce today!

Course Information

  • Introduction
  • Data Science Principles
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Further Machine Learning
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Digital Innovation
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Model Interpretability
  • Ensemble Methods in Machine Learning
  • Data Science Toolbox
  • Software Development
  • Statistics
  • Big Data
  • Data Security
  • Data Science for Business
  • Data Architecture and Data Pipelines
  • AI Project, Development and Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Technical Testing and EPA Support
  • 18-month program.
  • £17,000 Levy Funded, with no cost to learners!
  • Acquire Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist Level 7 Apprentice Qualification.
  • Learn whilst being paid a full salary!
  • Entry to the largest project data community and project hackathon in the UK.
  • Understand the principles of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This includes understanding the different types of AI and ML algorithms, how they work, and their limitations.
  • Use AI and ML techniques to solve problems. This includes being able to identify problems that can be solved using AI and ML, and then designing and implementing solutions.
  • Communicate effectively about AI and ML. This includes being able to explain AI and ML concepts to stakeholders, and presenting the results of AI and ML projects in a clear and concise way.
  • Work effectively in a team. This includes being able to collaborate with others, share ideas, and resolve conflicts.
  • Adopt a professional approach to work. This includes being able to work independently, manage time effectively, and meet deadlines.

These are just some of the key learning outcomes from the AI Data Specialist apprenticeship standard.


  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • Chat GPT
  • Google Bard
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Improved data management practices: Employers will have a better understanding of the principles of data management, such as data governance, data quality, and data security. This will allow them to manage their data more effectively, which can lead to improved decision-making and increased productivity.
  • Enhanced data analysis capabilities: Employers will be able to use more advanced data analysis techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning. This will allow them to identify patterns and trends in their data that would not be visible using traditional methods.
  • Improved communication about data: Employers will be able to communicate data findings in a more technical and sophisticated way. This will allow them to build trust with stakeholders and improve decision-making. Enhanced teamwork skills: Employers will have employees who are able to collaborate effectively with others in order to build and deploy AI and ML models. This will lead to better problem-solving and innovation.
  • Increased employee engagement: The apprenticeship standard can help employers to create a more engaging work environment for their employees by providing them with opportunities to work on challenging and cutting-edge AI and ML projects.
  • Improved ability to compete in the global market: By using AI and ML, employers can gain a competitive advantage by being able to make better decisions, improve their products and services, and communicate more effectively with stakeholders.
  • Strong understanding of AI and machine learning principles.
  • Experience in developing and implementing AI strategies.
  • Experience in developing and deploying machine learning models.
  • Experience in applying machine learning to solve business problems.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Strong analytical, leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • Candidates who have completed the Level 4 apprenticeship.

Typical Job titles include: AI Strategy Manager, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, AI Director, Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Specialist

  • Possess a valid passport/ birth certificate/residence permit and NI number.
  • Must have lived in the UK and /or EU prior to start date.
  • Must not be undertaking another apprenticeship at the same time.
  • The apprenticeship must offer substantive new skills and knowledge in your existing or new role.
  • Honours degree (2:2 or above) in an appropriate discipline or other relevant qualifications/experience.
  • GCSE Maths and English (you will be enrolled onto Level 2 Functional Skills Maths and English to gain your qualification if you do not have these).
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Benefits Of Our AI Data Specialist Course 

Our apprenticeship courses are beneficial for both individual learners and large organisations. It enables learners to develop a deep technical knowledge that allows the discovery and creation of these new data-driven AI solutions.
Recognised Qualification
The Level 7 AI Data Specialist course does not only allow learners to earn a nationally recognised qualification, but they achieve one that is equivalent to a Master's Degree! As a result, our apprentices have proven to be an incredible asset to businesses.
Technical Knowledge
This apprenticeship covers a wide range of topics and deepens the learner's knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Each learner will work with datasets that are too large, too complex, or too fast to enhance their problem-solving and management skills.
Competitive Edge 
The solutions that each apprentice develops will help automate and optimise business processes to support, augment and enhance human decision-making. They have the opportunity to discover new processes that will keep them ahead of the curve and their competitors.

Benefits Of Our Training

A common misconception of data is that it is hard to learn about and understand. Our courses are suitable for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge of technology and data. Our programmes are tailored to each learner's needs and allow everyone to earn an industry-recognised qualification!
Tailored Training
We offer bespoke training courses to cater to each learner's or company's needs. We aim to prove that data is for everyone! Our tutors want to build learners up and increase their confidence with data.
Expert Advice
Our courses open up opportunities that other programs will not. When you undertake our apprenticeships or short courses, you will interact with industry experts and receive important advice from leaders in the data industry!
Earn Whilst You Learn
Whilst undertaking our training courses, you can earn whilst you learn! You don't have to choose between education and income. Our courses are suitable for every career. From engineering to marketing, data is used by everyone!

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