Project-based organisations are transitioning toward data-driven project delivery at different rates. This creates division, producing unnecessary divisions that can lead to duplicated solutions, even for common problems. We slow the journey rather than trying to tackle the challenge independently. Instead of tackling challenges alone, let's join forces and collaborate.

The Project Data Analytics Task Force leads a campaign to tackle this head-on by developing a series of theme-based visions for 2025. The provisional themes highlight key areas of focus where we can start to align our activity. If we can reimagine how we perform risk management, benefits management and a range of other project delivery capabilities, we can break them down into a series of modules!

We can then lay out a collaborative roadmap to tackle each module while focusing on overall integration. So what does this mean? When we conquer each module, we'll connect our problem statements and user stories with the relevant data and share our learnings with others in the industry. This will drive innovation and pave the way for new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Hundreds of people are being trained on the application of data analytics within the project domain, all needing to create a portfolio of solutions to demonstrate the application of their newfound skills. If we can align these projects to the roadmap, we will create an engine for change. Imagine if we could amplify our efforts even further by harnessing the collective power of the community through hackathons. We could achieve extraordinary things by working together towards a common objective.

But why stop there? We can pool our resources and build on our progress by aligning project-level funding with our collaborative roadmap. Together, we can achieve our goals a hundred times faster than we would on our own!

The attached set of slides summarises this strategy, outlining our approach. We are targeting this May at our community Hackathon to get things rolling.

We are entering a new era. Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of us on The Task Force if you’d like to be involved!