One-Day Course 9am-5pm: Tailored for Senior Leaders

Next Dates:

3 September, 2024

20 November, 2024

Location: Victory Services Club, London

Cost: The course costs £595 per delegate or £495 for early bird bookings.

There is a further 25% discount if you have a delegate on our PDA apprenticeship.

Food and Refreshments: Provided Throughout the Day
Taught by Industry Experts: Gain Insights from Leading Professionals

A one-day no-waffle tour of the world of AI and data analytics, to demystify what it is, how it can be applied to projects to transform project performance, and the critical actions senior leaders must take to make it happen.

Who this course is for

In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety” Abraham Maslow

Senior leaders have been telling us they are swamped with offers of help to improve their project performance through using the new oil of business (data and AI). They also tell us they find the jargon baffling and that it is different to the language of projects, it can sound far too like science fiction, the solutions being pitched may involve buying expensive licenses for yet another project management tool or add-on, there is a worry that it requires investment in supercomputers or there is rightly a cautiousness regarding data and cyber security. Senior leaders tell us they fear missing out, of not taking the opportunity to use the power of AI and data analytics to tackle the stubborn issues affecting project performance. But as luring as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other Generative AI platforms are, they are equally concerned about reputational risk or unintended consequences of using it. It’s right dilemma.

If that sounds like you, then this is the course that will help you cut through the hype to gain clarity about what’s possible right now, what will very soon be upon us and what you can do. This course is specifically designed for senior leaders with the following remits:

· Head of PMO or Head of Centre of Excellence

· Head of projects or Head of Profession

· Head of associated functions, e.g. assurance, risk

· Portfolio director/manager or project/programme director of a major project

Join like-minded people who have the same curiosity and desire to be at the forefront of transforming the profession.

What you will learn

You will learn how to tackle some of the following key challenges:

· How to differentiate the hype from reality. What is project data analytics and AI, with examples?

· What does this mean for the project delivery function and future roles? How should teams prepare?

· What is the state of the market?

· Who owns the data, rights of access, how do we contract for it?

· How do we drive up data quality? How can we trust it?

· How do we get the massive data sets that we need to train the AI models? Can we do it with just our own data or do we need to pool data and if so, how?

· How do we develop a strategy, roadmap and implementation plan? How do we take people with us when it could mean a fundamental change to their job or role?

What you will get

The course is limited to 20 attendees as it is delivered in a participative hands-on workshop format. You will be provided with a workbook that will help with your sense-making of the possibilities of AI and Data Analytics, the readiness of your organisations to use it and the steps you can take to fully exploit it. You will leave with an outline action plan specifically for your context, whether that is applying it to your project, to your function or your enterprise as a whole.


The one-day course starts at 09:00 and finishes at 16:45 followed by networking.

· Module 1 – Objectives and introductions

· Module 2 - Demystifying AI and data analytics

· Module 3 - Opportunities to transform project delivery

· Module 4 - It’s all about the data

· Module 5 – What about tools/systems

· Module 6 – AI and data literacy/skills

· Module 7 – Making it reality

· Module 8 – Summary & Networking


The Senior Leaders AI Playbook course is hosted by Andy Murray, the executive director of the Major Projects Association and renowned author of the IPA’s project routemap, P3M3 maturity model and PRINCE2 (among others). Andy is joined by co-host Martin Paver, CEO of Projecting Success, the founder of the Project Data Analytics Task Force and often cited as one of the leading figures in driving the adoption of AI and data analytics by the project profession.

Each course includes a different guest expert speaker who will showcase an example of AI/Data Analytics being applied and their experience with it.

As the course is delivered in ‘workshop’ style we encourage all participants to contribute - you will connect others on a similar journey and have the opportunity to continue to work collegiately to exploit AI and data analytics. We can go faster together than alone.

Join us!

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