Projecting Success, working in collaboration with Dr Stephen Duffield, are delighted that our analysis “By 2025 a significant number of Project Management roles will disappear. Will yours be one of them?” was accepted by the PMWorld Journal as a featured paper. Projecting Success operate at the very cutting edge of

September 18, 2018

PM World Journal Paper

Delighted to have my first article published in the PM World Journal. It provides an overview of the challenge that we are facing in project management and the opportunities ahead of us. We’ll be submitting papers for publication over the coming months.   Abstract: Data science is impacting a number

Risk stratification
I saw an interesting article on risk stratification in healthcare and pondered its application to project delivery. Its from 2015 but certainly worth a read. “Ultimately, the evidence suggests that clinicians are less accurate than risk stratification tools at predicting risk. Indeed, a study by Allaudeen and colleagues found that

Projecting Success are delighted that their CEO, Martin Paver, has had another article accepted and published into the APM Project Magazine. Our quest to transform the future of project management continues. If you would like further details, if we can help your organisation or if you would like to join

Advanced project data science and analytics have the potential to change the face of project management and project delivery forever. But the project management profession is slow to catch on. I was invited to write an article for the PMI newsletter and I have copied it below. I hope you

I recently read a great article by McKinsey on Artificial intelligence: Construction technology’s next frontier. Its a good read about construction based AI and I would commend it to you. Are you ready for AI? A lot of organisations that I speak to report that they aren’t ready for an

Our ‘stifling project managers’ blog was published on the Association for Project Management (APM) website on 26 February 2018. What are the differences between a rally driver and a project manager? They both work under considerable time pressures, with constrained resources, to deliver a defined set of objectives within an emergent

Projecting Success are honoured to have another article published in the Association for Project Management Project magazine. We continue to push the boundaries of knowledge in a quest to improve project delivery productivity. I’ve spent the last 12 months on a quest to try and discover how government manages the

February 18, 2018

PMI Pulse of the Profession

The PMI have recently published the 2018 edition of the ‘Pulse of the Profession’. I would commend it to anyone associated with project, programme and portfolio management. Some interesting extracts: The main chart that I always delve into is how project delivery performance is improving. I find it fascinating that

As the London Project Data and Analytics Meetup continues to grow I wanted to take the opportunity to share a few data articles and links. I hope that you find them useful. Please sign up if you get the opportunity. It would be great to meet you.   Visualisation Tools