October 11, 2017

NAO Framework

The UK National Audit Office (NAO) have recently published a very useful interactive PDF NAO framework to capture the key questions that need to be addressed at each stage of a project. It recrafts the lists of gateway questions and aligns them with a range of case studies from the

I’ve been pondering why lessons learned systems rarely work within a project environment. There is a lot of research published on the topic, but I’d like to add my own take on it. I’ve concluded that one size lessons learned systems don’t fit all. Lessons learned systems tend to be

September 18, 2017

Cobb’s Paradox

Martin Cobb worked for the Secretariat of the Treasury Board of Canada and in 1995, after reviewing 10 complex information communication technology (ICT) projects he asked the question “We know why projects fail; we know how to prevent their failure—so why do they still fail?” This has since become known

In the last 20 years there has been a huge amount of work done on identifying the critical success factors that underpin project success. I’ve included a summary of the critical success factors below. Its a comprehensive list, but for the more discerning reading I would encourage you to explore

I’ve recently spent a lot of time reviewing NAO and GAO (US equivalent of the UK’s National Audit Office) reports regarding lessons learned on project delivery. I found the report from the GAO on ICT projects particularly compelling, especially when we look at the scale of the challenge (see the

I've done a lot of work on machine learning recently and pondered what the future may bring for project and programme managers. Will AI lead to their demise? According to the Wall Street Journal, organisations believe that the point at which machine learning begins to impact core business functions is rapidly

I recently read the lessons learned report (Lessons Learned from UKCS Oil and Gas Projects 2011-2016) published by the UK’s Oil and Gas Authority. It is a fascinating read with some very important insights. However, like the majority of lessons learned reports, its not clear how to exploit it. As

I’ve acquired a dataset of nearly 10,000 lessons from a wide range of projects and programmes. There are some fascinating insights from this dataset that I will be sharing over the coming months. One topic of interest to a lot of the project management community is reporting. The following bullets

Assurance: Helping the CEO to sleep at night Do you have confidence in project delivery? Will the benefits you signed up to be delivered? Is concern over these two issues becoming a distraction from your broader business? These are typical questions faced by senior project and business professionals on a