Planning a next generation Project Management Office (PMO) for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

Author: Martin Paver
Date: October 11, 2022
Key Outcome
Take Home Messages

The next generation PMO is an evolution of Programme Management Office thinking, that uses data analytics, merged with alternative project management approaches to provide insight on projects. It does this by:

  • Both working as a traditional PMO that fits conventionally into the delivery organisation using best practice approaches
  • and super-charging project insight inside the PMO by focussing on leveraging project data and applying new and emerging methods that have been proven in other industries.

A next generation PMO focuses on maintaining and facilitating access to the right data, uses cloud tools for analytics, provides visual and up to date business intelligence views, and automates workflows with stable properties.

The NDA have supported the initiative to shift to a next generation PMO as the next step to optimising its project delivery. They aspire to be an organisation that can leverage data to improve transparency provide predictive insight on performance and initiate a program for transformational change.

This comes at a crucial time where three organisations collaborate to deliver nuclear waste services on behalf of UK PLC. It is hoped to leave a legacy that will inspire data driven project delivery in the public sector.

Clients pain points
  • Insufficient knowledge on what data driven PMO capabilities look like.
  • No clear priorities on which next generation PMO capability the organisation requires.
  • No clear understanding on how to evolve PMO capability to leverage data optimally.
  • Lack of vision and data knowledge to build a business case for PMO transformation.
  • Insufficient knowledge of risks associated with this transformation.
  • Limited understanding of data potential within key decision makers.

We developed a set of key documents which represent the pathway to building a Next Generation PMO for and by Nuclear Waste Services.

The Business Case defined and qualified the vision.
  • Develops the value proposition
  • Explains the case for change and links to other government departments
  • Identifying pain points, and recommendations to address
  • Maps the return on investment (ROI)
  • Highlights and assesses risks
The Data Strategy charted the course
  • Created principles and requirements for data driven PMO
  • Documenting opportunities to transform reporting, information management, governance and assurance
  • Develops the roadmap and transition plan
The Maturity Toolkit sets a realistic ambition.
  • Defines the measures of success
  • Highlights current position with gap analysis and driving up data quality
The Blueprint describes the destination.
  • Mapping the as is and to be state
  • Develops the use cases and priority
  • Described the high-level platform and system requirements
  • Mapping dependencies

We also provided workshops to upskill key stakeholders on the potential of data to drive cultural change.

The key outcomes included:
  • A compelling case suitable for key decision makers to drive a project data analytics transformation program
  • A realistic roadmap setting the as-is and to-be states, with the required steps to achieve the vision
  • Upskilled stakeholders on the awareness of data potential driving up adoption across the organisation
  • Enabling measures of success to assess progress across different components such as people, tools etc.
  • Clarification of risks and blockers across the program with support on navigating through the journey
In delivering the program there is confidence that the clients will be able to:
  • Gain a higher level of portfolio control: with centralised reporting, project forecasts, scenario mapping and more.
  • Collaborate with other government organisations and initiatives as external drivers
  • Develop integrated systems for high value insight across stakeholder organisations
  • Build a fundamental data framework
  • Clarification of complexity as the program progresses.
  • Build consistency in the ways of working and delivering projects.
  • Evolve foresight capabilities in delivering projects
  • Develop internal capability through upskilling of people

The journey through project data analytics transformation is complex. With insufficient planning, brings risks that are highly impactful with no certainty for success. We specialise in this to minimise this risk and guarantee confidence.

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