Project:Hack 15

Author: Martin Paver
Date: October 11, 2022

Consisting of 14 challenges, ~200 attendees, 22 Solutions and >£2k raised for the British Red Cross, Project:Hack 15 was the largest project data hackathon in the UK.

Take Home Messages

The three most impressive solutions tackled various pain points across project delivery.

  • Having no/limited insight into bid predictions
    • The third placed team built a machine learning model to predict contract winning probability and expressed it within a Microsoft Power App
    • It allowed project managers to run outcome predictions using current KPI’s
  • Stressful and rigid change management processes
    • The second placed team developed an app with a modern and sleek design to manage, communicate and visualise changes across a project. Built with IT suitability in mind this solution was “production-ready” within two days of development
  • Within construction projects, site diaries provide key information on project health and safety. Insufficient visibility into site diaries can create false perceptions and worsen project risks.
    • The winning team developed a dynamic power BI report which assessed the effectiveness of existing site diaries, and the insight it can bring
    • The power BI dashboard showed key site factors that can impact productivity across various phases of a project.
    • The solution provided insight on how to automate site diary

For organisations and people looking to explore the challenges and solutions within the project industry. Project:Hack creates a unique open-code environment to network and innovate with people pushing the boundaries of project data analytics