Project Data and Analytics Strategy Development

Author: Martin Paver
Date: September 28, 2022

Projecting Success have supported 3 major government clients with the development of their project data strategy, acting in a trusted advisor/customer friend role.

Key Outcome
Take Home Messages

Project delivery performance is often underperforming. The Public Accounts Committee continues to challenge departments for failing to learn lessons and leverage their rich seams of experience. When co Clients lack line of sight into strategic.

The clients challenges were:

  • The need to take a tighter grip of project performance.
  • The desire to move from reactive firefighting to insight based interventions.
  • A squeeze on talent, requiring organisations to release capacity from lower value added work and move them up the value chain.
  • How to gain line of sight of supply chain data and understand how effectively the data is being used to drive decision making.
  • The need to drive a data culture, surface issues and unite around shared objectives, facilitating a transition to data driven project delivery.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the data they require to underpin a more data driven approach.

Our experience of working closely with >60 clients, leading the Project Data Analytics Task Force and being at the heart of the project data community has enabled us to offer informed, practical and inspirational advice on strategy development and implementation.

We have:

  • Supported the development of an organisational project data strategy, including facilitating senior level commitment.
  • Developed proposals for enabling deeper supply chain integration and collaboration.
  • Developed a strategy for a next generation PMO, including maturity steps and roadmaps.
  • Identified key challenges, barriers to implementation and how to address them.
  • Developed implementation roadmaps.
  • Underpinning workshops and training events, from senior leaders to project staff, to inspire and demonstrate that data driven project delivery is inevitable, deliverable and rapidly gaining traction.
  • The challenges of the here and now can often be a barrier to progress. The system implications are significant and potentially overwhelming. By applying our extensive experience of working with clients we are able to develop a proposition that is deliverable, incremental and affordable.

The key outcomes for each organisation have been to create a strategy and implementation plan that unites the department, and investment, around a set of common goals. It has also provided a critical signal to the supply chain that change is coming.

  • Key stakeholders are increasingly invested in data driven project delivery. It is successfully competing against other priorities.
  • Departments are beginning to surface the issues that could impede progress. Iterative rather than ‘big bang’ deliverables.
  • Departments now have a basis for rich and collaborative conversations with their supply chain.
  • Project professionals now have access to early deliverables that demonstrably help them with their roles.
  • Project teams are now considering how their careers can align with what is an inevitable future.
  • Strategies have senior level endorsement, funding, with an underpinning implementation plan and governance.

The development of a data driven project delivery strategy is difficult. By leveraging the rich experience of others there is an opportunity to navigate an implementation path that is iterative, builds support and demonstrates success.

This doesn’t require $millions of investment benchmarking or understanding the landscape; the challenges are broadly understood. Success is dependant on taking people on the journey with you, building a data culture, upskilling your workforce and delivering capability that makes a difference. Start small, iterate at pace, build momentum and scale up.

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