Project:Hack, From Data Student to Data Science Professional

Author: Martin Paver
Date: October 11, 2022

This case study follows Alex, a former MSc Data Science Postgraduate. Alex explored Project:Hack to apply their data science skills and hone them within a project environment.

Participating across various hackathons, Alex has since become a veteran placing multiple top three podium finishes. Watch their hack solutions here.

Key Outcome
Take Home Messages

Data roles are in high demand within the employment market. The challenge for data students is the complexity and broad nature of the data industry. With endless opportunities, finding the right company in the right area of work can be difficult and overwhelming.

In leveraging Project:Hack to network and understand the common problems across the project industry, Alex was able to immerse within the professional environment.

The hack provided a space for them to network and build relationships with key decision makers across a diversity of companies in various sectors.

Having impressed at the hackathons, Alex gained recognition at Project:Hack 11 from major contractor Gleeds where she accepted a job as a data scientist.

It has been a key finding within hacks, that organisations use the event to identify talent and upskill existing employees.

As a fundamental part of the Data Analyst Apprenticeship, the hacks have supercharged the career progression of professionals in both projects and data roles.

“Project:Hack is well organised and structured by Projecting Success, with technical support ready if needed. The challenges were clear, practical, and commercially relevant. It has a diverse pool of participants, from students, apprentices and newly minted coders to data scientists, project managers.”

The hacks serve multiple purposes, whereby connecting employers with talent is a key focus. For project and data students looking to immerse themselves within the industry, Project:Hack is a low risk, high reward initiative to build a career portfolio.

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